GoShare CEO on hiring gig workers

By Hang Nguyen

Feb 6, 2017 

San Diego Union Tribune

Shaun Savage’s business model is similar to Uber.

Except his truck and van drivers don’t transport people but things. Through its mobile app or web site, San Diego-based GoShare helps connect people who have vans or trucks with people who need help with small apartment and office moves, furniture deliveries and junk removals.

GoShare has hundreds of drivers and helpers who both load and unload cargo. GoShare’s rate starts at 99 cents per minute with a minimum fee of $29.99. GoShare delivery professionals take 80 percent of the total rental fee.

About half of GoShare’s sales come from mom-and-pop businesses and big-name retailers like Ace Hardware that need deliveries sometimes several times a day or on a monthly basis. The company’s other clients use its services to haul heavy things a short distance once or twice a year.

Savage declined to provide last year’s revenue for the company with 15 employees that he started out of his apartment in 2014. GoShare’s services are in parts of San Diego County, Los Angeles County, New Jersey and Georgia.

Below, Savage, 33, also the company CEO, chats about how his business got about 15,000 people to apply to be a GoShare driver or helper and how his hiring process has evolved.


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