Ashok K. Babbar

EvoNexus Selection Committee Member

Ashok K. Babbar advises CEOs and Boards on various strategies to rethink and transform their business with respect to their product/service strategy, business model, competitive landscape, and other factors to accelerate growth, raise company value, and help facilitate a profitable exit.

Most recently Babbar was a Chief Executive Officer of Axiado Corporation, a San José, California-based cybersecurity company, developing a security processor. After the first $11 million investment in 2018, Babbar raised the company value to $280 million in 16 months and positioned a complete suite of security products for the cloud infrastructure.

Babbar has more than 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley providing fiscal, strategic, product design/development and operations leadership across various industries with a track record of transforming ideas into viable businesses and successful exits (e.g., Sentica Corporation, 2002; SphereLink Communication, 1998). Under his direction as Vice President of Programs at Eagle Technology, the company generated $2.7M revenue per employee in 1994, and was acquired in 1995. He also directed development of a coprocessor, and the first in the industry, standard cells design with auto-place & route software for IC development, known today as Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry.

Babbar holds B.Sc. with honors in Electronics and Telecommunications from Portsmouth University, Hampshire, United Kingdom.


Advisor | CEOs & Boards | 2020–Present
Founder, CEO, Chairman | Axiado Corporation | 2017–2019
Chief Financial Officer | Pharmozyme | 2015–2016
Founder, CEO | Business M&A | 2003–2014
Founder, CEO, Board Member | Sentica Corporation | 1999–2002 Founder, CEO, Board Member | SphereLink Communication | 1995–1998