EvoNexus incubates early-stage technology startups

Incubation Program for early-stage technology startups

Startups receive support with fundraising, corporate connections, mentorship, and more, for only 1% common equity upon admission.

Benefits of Incubation

Our 2-year program combined with our individualized milestone-based structure and 1 on 1 mentoring fosters a path from ideation to minimum viable product and long-term sustainability. Over 85% of EvoNexus portfolio companies have secured venture funding from over 400+ VCs and independent investors.


Access to Capital – Meet angel investors, venture capitalists, and strategic investors who are attracted to our startups because of our track record of success. These investors are frequently seen walking the halls of EvoNexus.

Pitch Scrubs – Refine your pitch to be VC ready through our educational workshops, pitch practices, and individualized pitch scrubs.

Demo Day – Showcase your technology to potential investors, customers, and partners, in the expansive EvoNexus network.

Mentorship & Domain Expertise

Our mentors and volunteers commit their time to help bolster the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. 

World-Class Domain Experts – EvoNexus mentors are accomplished executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who voluntarily dedicate themselves to diving deep, making valuable connections, and advising startups based on their own industry experience.  Each startup selects their own mentors to provide guidance throughout incubation.

Strategic & Corporate Network  – EvoNexus partners with the most influential technology corporations in the world who often meet with EvoNexus startups to give assistance, ranging from early business unit exposure, technology steering, customer trials, and participation in early-stage funding.

Office Hours – Committed professionals dedicate their time to provide value free of charge to our startups. Leading VC firms offer fundraising advice, top law firms offer legal advice, and successful entrepreneurs provide guidance and stories from the field.

Custom & Structured Incubation Experience

Our 2-year program combined with our individualized milestone-based structure fosters a path to long-term sustainability.  

Long-Term Residency – We know that startups need long-term support on their path to sustainability. Unlike other accelerator models that churn through cohorts in 3-4 months, we incubate companies for up to 2 years.

Milestone-Based Structure – We know that every startup has a different path to success. We aim to help take you from ideation to minimum viable product and early customers. Each of our startups define their own milestones to tracks their product, customers, sales, etc., and report against them during check-ins.

Monthly Check-Ins – Our startups lead monthly check-ins with their EvoNexus portfolio manager and mentors, during which they describe their progress, problems, and plans. Together we continually refine objectives for each startup and assist in execution.  

Brand Value

Recognition – Displaying the EvoNexus logo and those of our corporate partners provides validation for your venture recognized by investors and strategic partners. They know that EvoNexus startups undergo a highly competitive and rigorous vetting process. 

Facility – EvoNexus provides beautiful co-working facilities. Our spaces are optimized for collaboration and technology development. The facilities feature conference rooms, phone booths, and dedicated dry lab space for hardware development 

Community – Our programming and facilities foster collaboration amongst our entrepreneurs. Our startups form partnerships with each other and become each other’s first customers, introduce each other to investors, and so much more. EvoNexus community members lift each other up.

How It Works

Qualified startups go through a rigorous process in order to join EvoNexus’ low-cost, high-touch program that has proven itself over the years.  We are highly selective, so if you’re accepted, know that you are amongst the best of the best


Pay It Forward – EvoNexus is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization. We require only 1% fully diluted common stock from a startup to join our long-term residency program. EvoNexus uses this fee and all sponsorship dollars to help run the non-profit organization and support the California innovation community.  

EvoNexus seeks startups that fit these general criteria:

Stage – Post idea-stage

Market – Solving a big problem in a large market with a unique solution

Technology & Product – Innovative with a clear competitive advantage

Team – At least 2 full-time founders, with domain and /or startup expertise

Finance – Typically Pre-seed to pre-Series A legally incorporated company, with at least a 6-month runway

Admission Process

The EvoNexus vetting process is conducted by our Selection Committee that consists of EvoNexus staff, key executives from our corporate sponsors, and other domain experts who add value in the decision making. Our goal is for this process to take no longer than 60 days from application to admission.

Application – Our admission process begins with your application on this website. Think you are ready to apply? Submit your application here. If we need more information, we will contact you.

Scoring – The EvoNexus Selection Committee evaluates your submission to decide whether to move forward. 

Initial Face to Face Meeting – We conduct a one-hour meeting with you with the goal of verifying alignment between your venture and the EvoNexus organization. Following this meeting, we determine whether to invite you to the next stage, due diligence. 

Due Diligence – After studying a full set of due-diligence documents that you send us, we conduct a two-hour meeting with you that will cover all aspects of your business and technology.

Final Decision – Following your due diligence presentation, we will render our decision on your acceptance within 24 hours.

"Startups are Life... Everything before and after is just waiting"

Rory Moore, CEO & co-founder, EvoNexus

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