EvoNexus incubates early-stage technology startups

Incubation Program for early-stage technology startups

Startups receive support with fundraising, corporate connections, mentorship, long term incubation facilities, and more, for only 1% common equity upon admission compared to other incubators that take up to 7% equity for 3 month programs.

30 Day Review Period!

Our selection committee of industry professionals will review your venture, have face-to-face and due diligence meetings where applicable, & let you know if you are in or out in 30 days*!

*Depending on your availability

Benefits of Incubation

Our 2-year program combined with our individualized milestone-based structure and 1 on 1 mentoring fosters a path from post-ideation to minimum viable product and long-term sustainability. Over 85% of EvoNexus portfolio companies have secured venture funding from over 400+ VCs and independent investors.


Custom & Structured Incubation Experience

Our 2-year program combined with our individualized milestone-based structure fosters a path to long-term sustainability.  

  • Long-Term Residency

    We know that startups need long-term support on their path to sustainability. Unlike other accelerator models that churn through cohorts in 3-4 months, we incubate companies for up to 2 years.

  • Milestone-Based Structure

    Refine your pitch to be VC ready through our We know that every startup has a different path to success. We aim to help take you from post-ideation to minimum viable product and early customers. Each of our startups define their own milestones to tracks their product, customers, sales, etc., and report against them during check-ins. workshops, pitch practices, and individualized pitch scrubs.

  • Monthly Check-Ins

    Our startups lead monthly check-ins with their EvoNexus portfolio manager and mentors, during which they describe their progress, problems, and plans. Together we continually refine objectives for each startup and assist in execution. 

Brand Value

If you would like to speak directly to an EvoNexus representative, please email us at info@evonexus.org !

Requirements for Startup Applicants

"Startups are Life... Everything before and after is just waiting"

Rory Moore, CEO & co-founder, EvoNexus

Our program helps companies: