Dr. Gene Dantsker

EvoNexus Chief MedTech Officer, FMR Senior Director of Business Development, Qualcomm Life

Gene Dantsker is former Senior Director of Business Development & Licensing at Qualcomm Life. Prior to this role, Dr. Dantsker worked across the spectrum of sensor, therapy and diagnostic technology solutions with broad experience in semiconductor, medical and biotech businesses. Dr. Dantsker was Senior Technical Staff Member at TRW, Inc., Space and Electronics Division where he was responsible for design, fabrication, and integration of microelectronics for space/satellite applications. Subsequently he co-founded Nanostream, Inc., a biotech company and provider of high-throughput bio-analytical instruments to companies involved in drug discovery and development. As VP of Technology, Gene was co-inventor and developer of Nanostream’s core technologies based on polymer MEMS microfluidics and converted them into commercial products purchased by leading pharmaceutical companies.

Gene then served as CEO and CTO of Adnavance Technologies, Inc., a provider of ultra-sensitive medical diagnostic products, operating out of the US and Canada. Gene also served on the Board of Directors of D-Wave Systems, a pioneer in Quantum Computing, with leading Silicon Valley VCs, as well as heavily consulted the company in business development, general and IP strategy, growth strategy and operational infrastructure. Gene subsequently provided business development support for the US branch of Nitto Denko, a leading supplier of diversified polymer-film products based in Osaka, Japan. He holds B.S. degrees in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Maryland, M.A. and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and an MBA from San Diego State University, where he was class valedictorian. He is an inventor on over 50 patents.