A highly efficient and successful vehicle for connecting industry giants with companies developing the latest technologies


Apply to our live Murata MarketLink Program

APPLY HERE. Murata is seeking innovative early-stage and growth companies driven to build the future of electronics in concert with a global industry leader. Successful applicants will meet directly with key Murata decision-makers to explore various pathways to shared success.

Deadline to Apply: June 19, 2022

Connecting our corporate partners with technology companies

MarketLink is a unique and powerful program that provides the opportunity for technology companies to initiate and develop strategic relationships with leading multinational corporations. Through a series of meetings, selected companies are introduced to top level executives at EvoNexus’ strategic corporate sponsors who focus on new products and technologies. This program functions separately from EvoNexus’ incubation program, and it is all at NO COST to the applicant

Benefits to our Strategic Partners

MarketLink is a highly efficient and effective vehicle for our strategic partners to connect to quality companies developing the latest technology and products.

Benefits to Applicants

Emerging technology companies gain access to potential partners and new markets. They have the opportunity to meet with decision-making, top-level executives privately. This comes at NO COST to the applicant. Examples of partnerships that could occur are: direct investment, an acquisition, technology being implemented into a multi-national enterprise product, etc.

Applicants for MarketLink come from a diverse range of stages and sizes. Some companies have revenue, while some do not. Some companies have many employees, while others have less head count. If your company falls within the areas of interest expressed in a particular MarketLink campaign, we want to hear from you!

Benefits to EvoNexus

MarketLink is a global program, with applicants and corporates participating from around the world. MarketLink helps EvoNexus gain better visibility into both established and emerging technology companies. Many companies who apply to MarketLink are potential applicants to the EvoNexus incubator.

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