QuestionPro Acquires Former EvoNexus Company RapidEngage

Online survey software company QuestionPro has acquired former EvoNexus company and micro survey platform RapidEngage, formerly SlimSurveys.

RapidEngage, which entered the EvoNexus incubator in June of 2013, collects customer insight and increases website engagement for companies in various forms. They help companies get a higher survey completion rate by offering users with surveys that can be done in 30 seconds or less.

QuestionPro, a Seattle based company, provides online survey software that allows users to generate the insights they need to make business decisions. Their acquisition will enhance their own product by integrating RapidEngage’s website feedback and engagement technology that has proven successful at presenting website users with the right message and the right time.

RapidEngage founders Daniel Marashlian, Sean Callahan, and Rodney Rumford are serial entrepreneurs. They are the same trio behind the success of the photo-sharing app Plixi (formerly TweetPhoto), which was acquired by Lockerz in 2011.

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